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About us

Kodi professional is an international brand that offers a wide range of professional segment products in the following areas: nail aesthetics, podology, eyelash extensions, eyebrow modeling, visage, permanent make-up and hardware cosmetology. The brand's products are represented in many countries of the world and has been holding the leading positions in the beauty industry market for more than 15 years.


In 2020 and 2021, the brand became the winner of the Choice of the Year International Festival-Competition in the Gel Polishes and Manicure Products nomination.

Kodi Professional products have found their admirers in 163 countries of the world: Germany, Spain, Cyprus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova, Latvia, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, Israel, UAE, etc.

image International training centers are located in Cyprus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova and Turkey.

Unlike mass-market cosmetics, professional products by Kodi professional are made on the basis of innovative components and modern technologies. Advanced formulas of cosmetics provide durability, efficient coating, light texture, saturation of shades and comprehensive care. At the production stage, professional cosmetics go through a multi-level quality control system, and the joint work of the company's leading technologists and colorists results in a wide assortment and a rich palette of shades.

Company managers are always happy to assist with product selection and always give professional advice to all your questions. Our credo is prompt fulfillment of orders and high-quality customer service!

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