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Easy Duo Gel Soft "White" (Acrylic gel), 30 g., KODI

Price: 16.10

Easy Duo Gel Soft "White" (Acrylic gel), 30 g.

Easy Duo Gel Soft is the acrylic-gel system for the nails modeling and strengthening, presented in a natural palette of shades. Compared to the basic line of acrylic gels (polygels) Easy Duo Gel, the Soft series has a softer and more pliable texture. Has a dispersion layer. Suitable for the masters with any work experience. Recommended for French manicure modeling.

Easy Duo Gel Soft provides for:

  • Convenient for work consistency;
  • Excellent adhesive properties;
  • High plasticity;
  • Easy to file;
  • Strength and lightness of structure.

Shade: White

Polymerization of Easy Duo Gel Soft: 120 seconds in an UV lamp or 60 seconds in a LED lamp.

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