Colored acrylic 4,5 g

Nail acrylic has long been no surprises and, seemingly, it has long been unexplored territory. It is really an effective method of creating artificial nails, that look neat and seemingly and cannot always be distinguished from the natural nails. Especially it had like employed women: a couple of hours a month and we have natural, resistant and shiny nails.

Despite the beauty of acrylic nails, progress does not stand still, and customer needs are constantly growing. For this reason, the Kodi American company released a line of colored acrylics, in order to satisfy the growing needs of consumers.

Colored acrylics Kodi Professional

This qualitative powdery powder, which contain different colored pigments. They are widely used in the creation of a wide variety of designs, which later become the favorite kinds of nail - art of all women.

Every master will like to work with such a material, because the physical properties of these gels greatly simplifies the process of creating the perfect nail. Acrylic falls perfectly thin and drawn with a brush, without any breaks. As a result, we get a strong and bright manicure, which attracts attention. It is rather difficult to refuse such a pleasure, because it turns out a lot more pluses than minuses.

Benefits of color gels Kodi:

  • Intense and uniform color acrylic, which is achieved due to the fact that the particles of color powders completely painted color pigments;
  • Colored acrylics have a fine grinding, which indicates their high quality;
  • High flexibility due to the content of benzoyl peroxide;
  • Strong adhesion to the nail plate;
  • Easy to work with the material;
  • Resistance manicure;
  • The optimum ratio "price - quality".

Presented palette of shades of color acrylics allows you to create interesting and rich designs. Now all the necessary materials for nail acrylic are available as never before. You can also use them at home, but with the necessary knowledge, work with such material requires certain skills. You can buy colored acrylics in our online - shop. Here you will find a wide selection of acrylic colors and all related materials that may be needed to create a perfect manicure.

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