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Color acrylic L1, KODI

Price: 3.00


The nail industry is constantly replenished with new technologies and materials. The invention of colored acrylic powder became a truly significant event in the field and even gave rise to a new direction in nail art. Today, under the KODI PROFESSIONAL brand, the richest color palette of acrylic powder is produced, which allows choosing the ideal material for nail modeling or design. The presented colored acrylic does not contain hazardous ingredients, has a very fine grind and a high concentration of pigments. It is very flexible and, as a result, very comfortable to work with.

The technology of use provides for the use of the product with a monomer (acrylic modeling, molding) or without a monomer (use in different designs), depending on the expected result. Kodi Professional color acrylic has the richest color range among all acrylic systems. Very finely ground, famous for its high plasticity, it is used to create three-dimensional designs and backgrounds.

Price: 3.00 €
Price: 3.00 €
Price: 3.00 €
Price: 3.00 €
Price: 3.00 €
Price: 3.00 €
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