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Basic acrylics


Artificial nails - it is beautiful, attractive, female handle look nice and well-kept with it. That is why many women resort to this method of creating a beautiful manicure. So, everyone can make a desired shape and size of the nail, paint it according to the preferences. A big plus that accrued nails do not break and do not separate. The most popular materials for building are gel and acrylic.

Kodi Professional Acrylic System

Kodi offers to your attention a basic acrylic to create a fabulous manicure. This is a high-quality material that is used for many years of nail art master. You can easily and safely make the desired shape of the nail and create an incredible design on it. Basic acrylic prevents nail yellowing and maintains its original appearance. The advantages of this material are numerous:

  • it is easily applied to the nail and also easy to remove;
  • strong adhesion to the natural nail manicures allows more natural and quality;
  • up to three weeks keeps its original appearance without correction and simulation;
  • a wide selection of nail design and the possibility of change in the correction.

The disadvantage of acrylic is that over time it is destroyed, and you must make the correction to have a beautiful appearance and does not harm the natural nails. But at least two weeks you provided a beautiful manicure!

Buy a basic acrylic Kodi

You will be able to order any favorite products from trusted manufacturers in our online store. You will be pleasantly surprised with the prices, because it is much less than in stores. Delivery of goods is carried out on the territory of Cyprus. And the residents of Larnaca can pick up shipment at the purchase from our store.

We sell only quality products, and this has earned the love and gratitude to our customers. Every day, hundreds of girls across Europe and America choose our products to create stunning nail art and stay satisfied!


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