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Masque powder


Nail extension is become very popular, because of it is easy way to achieve the ideal shape and size of the nail, plus you can create incredibly beautiful design. And your manicure for a long time will look inimitably, fascinating, unique. You can forget about the fragility, exfoliation, waviness and forever shabby polish. It's great! Now there is a choice: how to make nail extension, because now so many varieties of materials created?

Masque powder Kodi - the choice of professionals!

Masque (yet it is called camouflage) acrylic- this powder with the effect of shading. It allows you to create the desired shape of the nail and masque  all roughness and waviness of natural nails. This material is very popular between nail masters, because it is easy and pleasant to work with. It is simply applied to the nail and distributed over the entire surface of the next nail. This material allows you to create all sorts of drawings and decorate the nails as will the consumer want. And if you wish extended nails can be coated with colored polishes and change its design.

Manicure with masque powder Kodi keeps on nails up to three weeks. At the same time for all time does not lose its original luster and brightness. Special formula prevents the creation of yellowing and premature failure of the acrylic.

Buy masque powder Kodi Professional at an attractive price

You can buy whichever acrylic inn our online shop. In no time your order is processed, and the courier service will deliver a package to any address in Cyprus. You can pick up items with the shipment at our store in the Larnaca.

Kodi Professional - is a company that for many years stay on the consumer market, realizing products for nail industry. They have won the trust of consumers of its product quality, reliability and availability. And the highest praise is the number of regular customers, which is increasing day by day. Buying Kodi products, you buy products recognized by millions of professionals!

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