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It is very important that every cosmetic procedure is ideal for both client and professional. This also applies to a manicure and spa treatments, and permanent makeup. A satisfied customer - is often a regular customer, and at the same time, the high evaluation of the work and qualifications of the master and the interior as a whole.

So, what guarantees the quality of services performed?

The first is the ability, skills and experience of a specialist field, and secondly - it is the quality of working tools and cosmetics, which are used in a particular procedure. For example, hard to imagine a perfectly executed makeup, without the use of professional brushes, or a good makeup.

The quality of the work performed also depends on the related materials. Sometimes master need to spend months to pick up supplies, which will be nice and comfortable to work. They may not seem at first sight doesn’t important, but in creating a holistic way to regain a meaningful role.

Kodi thinks about every step

You can find additional materials on the web site Kodi Professional, which will greatly facilitate the work of the master, and will be very easy to use at home

Presented categories:

  1.  All for manicure. In this category, you can buy:
  • Conventional mosaic for gel polish or demo pallet-fan. Your customers will be able to seamlessly select the desired gel polish. After all, professionals know that the polish on the nail plate may differ from the polish in the bottle. It is especially important to have a demo pallet using stained glass paints and gel thermal polishes;
  • Orange stick to remove the cuticle;
  • Cover for tools;
  • Brush for manicure;
  • Separators for fingers (for a perfect pedicure).

        2. Beach accessories (handbags in stock).

        3. Additional materials for various cosmetic procedures (towels, bath, blankets).

We advise you to approach to the selection of additional accessories as well as to the choice of the basic tools, it is not only easy to work, but the overall picture of your workplace, and the process of the entire interior. You may agree, it is look strange, cheap towels of different colors in a professional salon?

Remember, with all parts composed all the image. Be attentive to detail.

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