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Armrest Loft for manicure, white, KODI

Price: 33.23

LOFT Manicure Armrest, Color: white

Manicure Armrest LOFT is a stylish and functional addition to your workplace by KODI PROFESSIONAL! It will ensure yours and your client's convenience, as well as speed up the work process. During modeling and applying a decorative coating, the back of the master withstands considerable loads. During the day, the master has to sit for a long time. With the white LOFT manicure armrest with legs you will forget about fatigue! This cushion fixes the position of the hands, allows you not to bend during operation. The compact dimensions of the KODI LOFT manicure armrest with removable legs make it easy to store and transport. Decorate your workplace with this functional accessory, and you will notice how much more comfortable and faster you will work. Quality and speed will certainly be appreciated by your clients!

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