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Brush for nails with "Kodi Professional" logo, color: black, KODI

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Brush for nails with "Kodi Professional" logo, color: black

Before proceeding with the decorative coating of the nails, it is necessary to clean them thoroughly off filing products - only in this case a high-quality result can be guaranteed. In the process of performing manicure and nail modeling in addition to special means for cleaning the nail plate, the masters use widely various brushes designed to remove dust and other contaminants. The KODI PROFESSIONAL assortment includes the most convenient brushes of various shapes and sizes. The brush has a compact size and is designed for single use. The brush is conveniently fixed on the fingers, ensuring the master's comfort during work. Medium-hard synthetic bristles remove dust well and do not scratch the skin.

  • Size: 6.5cm;
  • Color: Black.
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