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Lint-Free Napkins, Material: Meltblown (200 pcs.), KODI

Price: 3.00

Lint Free Napkins, Material: MeltBlown (200 pcs.)

The package contains 200 lint-free napkins made from MeltBlown - a non-woven material made from polypropylene microfibers. The napkins have a mesh texture. Lint-free napkins are used in the process of performing manicure and gel polish coating, as well as in modeling nails to remove dust or dispersion layer, and for other manipulations. Unlike cotton sponges, they do not leave lints on the treated surface, which can lead to the formation of flaws and damages.

The use of lint-free napkins is the key to flawless results. If necessary, lint-free napkins can be used by masters of different beauty directions to clean the tips of bottles/tubes, as well as used tools and accessories from excess cosmetics.

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