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A ruler for masters of whistles and masters of permanent make-up, KODI

Price: 3.00

Stencil Ruler for Eyebrows

A lot of factors should be considered for achieving high-quality results of the eyebrows micropigmentation. One of the key points in creating an eyebrow sketch is the selection of appropriate eyebrows shape suitable for the client. To help the master of the permanent make-up, KODI PROFESSIONAL experts have developed a special tool that allows for easy creation of a perfect eyebrows sketch, while maintaining the correct proportions and symmetry - a transparent stencil-ruler. Digital marking of a flexible stencil-ruler will help identify the edges and break points of the eyebrows, and find a harmonious height relative to the eyes. The accessory is suitable for professionals, as well as indispensable in the work of the beginners.

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