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Disposable products


Essential helpers

All they undertake procedures of cosmetologists masters should be performed flawlessly - it speaks about the professionalism of the master. As the master takes the responsibility for the health of the client, acting for the principle of "do no harm".

One of the main points and rules is to use kits of disposable products and consumables for beauticians. Each procedure should be thought out to the smallest detail, so that the client felt most comfortable and convenient. Now you do not need to re-buy or seek additional supplies, to pick them up for a particular procedure - Kodi did it for you.

You can buy kits of disposable products for carrying out such procedure, as a permanent make-up, kits of disposable napkins, foil kits gel nail polish remover and other "little things", without which the master just cannot do.

A kit of disposable products for permanent make-up, besides the standard disposable product (sheet, cap, gloves and the like) includes such details as the sleeve for the handle apparatus for applying permanent make-up, sleeves and form for the resolution of the procedure. This kit is very convenient for the master (all already chosen and aseptically packed) and the client (the sterile package is opened with him, dressed disposable products, and customer confidence in the safety of the procedure, and it is precisely the fear of possible infection of many stops prior to, for example, of the application of permanent make-up).

Gel polish foil remover gel by Kodi Professional have long captured the hearts of many a lady of Cyprus. Due to its ease of use, high performance (you can remove the varnish with virtually no residue), and security for the nail plate - for several years now is in the top tools for removing a gel polish.

All products Kodi Rrofessional designed to meet the customer's wishes (the masters and models). You will be able to pick up and the desired volume (number of pieces in the package) and the desired kit. Convenience and practicality of such funds proved dozens of reviews of regular users.

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