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Body Cream Scrub, 150 ml., KODI

Price: 10.55

Body Cream Scrub, 150 ml.

Everyone knows that regeneration processes are constantly taking place in our skin: dead cells are replaced by new, young ones. In youth, the process of cell renewal is quite fast and uniform, but with age it slows down, and then cell renewal in different parts of the skin occurs with a different time interval. If you do not regularly exfoliate keratinized skin cells, this leads to their layering and clogging of pores. As a result, the skin looks dull and faded. In addition, the effectiveness of using any care and medical cosmetics is minimized on keratinized skin. That is why regular exfoliation of keratinized cells should be one of the rules for body skin care. When choosing exfoliating products for body skin, it is very important to consider the size of the abrasive particles, because you will use this scrub for sensitive areas such as the neck and decollete. The abrasives in BODY CREAM-SCRUB by Kodi Professional are peach seed powder and finely ground volcanic lava particles with smooth edges. In combination with lactic acid, they provide effective, but very mild exfoliation. This makes this product suitable even for the owners of dry and sensitive skin.

Lactic acid effectively moisturizes the skin, evens out its relief, reduces pores, whitens, has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Shea butter in the scrub composition makes it creamy, but not oily. Cream-scrub is perfect for distribution with massage movements and does not leave stickiness. That is why it does not require rinsing under running water: just use a damp towel to remove abrasive particles.

Shea butter retains moisture in the upper layers of the skin and leaves it moisturized for several hours.

Argan oil, which is known to be rich in vitamin E, complements the composition of cream-scrub. This oil is a strong antioxidant and moisturizer, promotes skin renewal and rejuvenation, increases its firmness and elasticity. It is worth noting that the cream-scrub contains ginger root extract, the effect of which is difficult to overestimate: it restores the energy balance of the skin, regenerates damaged areas, helps cleanse and reduce pores, has a tonic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. The aroma with a musky base, ginger heart and notes of orange flowers will give you a luxurious mood, and a cream scrub - smooth and silky skin!

Method of application: apply the necessary amount of the cream-scrub to moisturized skin and massage in a circular motion for several minutes. Wash off with warm water or remove residues with a warm, damp towel.

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