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Eyebrow pigment B03 (Light blonde) 10 ml, KODI

Price: 18.00

Eyebrows Pigment B03 (Color: Light Blonde), 10 ml

Production and testing of the eyebrow pigments by KODI PROFESSIONAL is carried out in accordance with all norms of European quality standards in the field of cosmetology. The exclusive KODI PROFESSIONAL latest generation pigment formula provides excellent structure and quality - the pigments are as predictable as possible in the application area and are inert in metabolic processes.

Eyebrow pigments are made of refined inorganic dyes of high quality, have a glycerin base and have the following advantages:

  • Homogeneous distribution;
  • Excellent fixation in the skin;
  • Color intensity;
  • Fade resistance;
  • No effect on metabolic processes.

Pigment tone: Light blonde. It can be used as a corrector for a light pink shade.

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