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Dots for nail design (tip diameter 2.5mm and 1mm), KODI

Price: 1.40

Dotting Tool for Nail Design 2.5mm and 1mm

Dotting tool for nail design (2.5mm and 1mm) by KODI PROFESSIONAL is a professional tool from the arsenal of the master of nail service that is designed to draw monograms, dots, commas and bending lines. The side with the smaller diameter (1 mm) is used to create thinner, filigree elements of the picture, the side with the larger diameter (2.5 mm) of the working surface can be used to create volumetric painting with imitation of sculpturing on a gel polish coating. High-quality materials and special processing technologies provide ease of the tool use by the master. Due to the ideally smooth surface of the dotting tool working elements, it is possible to dose the material (gel polish or gel paint) and distribute it evenly on the surface of the nail. The thickness of the line is regulated by the force of the dotting tool pressure and the selected angle of inclination.

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