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Dots for nail design (tip diameter 2mm and 0.7mm), KODI

Price: 1.40

Dotting Tool for Nail Design, 2mm and 0.7mm

Dotting tool for nail design is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of the nail service master. The principle of operation is extremely simple, but it requires some experience and skill. The tool looks like a long wooden handle with two metal tips with the balls of different diameters on both ends. The smaller the diameter of the working surface is, the more elegant and thinner monograms and dots are. The diameters of 2 mm and 0.7 mm allow creating openwork monograms with different thicknesses of elements on nails.

Dotting tool (2 mm and 0.7 mm) by KODI PROFESSIONAL is made of high quality materials using modern polishing technologies for the metal part of the tool. Due to this, the working part turns out to be perfectly smooth, without nicks and irregularities, and this ensures uniform application of the material.

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