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Ball Sterilizer for Instruments (75W), KODI

Price: 40.50

Ball Sterilizer for Instruments (75W)

The ball sterilizer for instruments is a special disinfecting device with proven efficiency, designed for use by practicing beauty industry masters. This device allows for quick cleaning and disinfecting the working surface of cosmetic instruments and guaranteeing the safety of their use for another person. Compact dimensions, ease of use and processing method make the ball sterilizer the optimal choice for processing small and medium-sized metal instruments. Intended purpose - for professional and home use.

Sterilization takes place by high-temperature processing - the internal heat-resistant container of the device is filled with small quartz balls, which are easily heated to a temperature of 200-250 degrees and fix the processed instruments in the desired position, until all pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungal spores die under the influence of high temperature. A bag with balls is included.


  • Heating time (maximum): 30 minutes;
  • Processing time: 10-30 seconds;
  • Temperature (maximum): 180-200 degrees;
  • Power: 75 W;
  • Dimensions: 16x16x18 cm;
  • Body material - metal;
  • Color: white.

Warranty: 3 months.

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