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Ultrasonic cleaner "Super washer", KODI

Price: 67.98


The SUPER WASHER ultrasonic bath is a special device designed for careful but high-quality ultrasonic cleaning of small tools and auxiliary consumables used in the beauty industry. Ideal for manicure tools, attachments for hardware manicure, tools for eyelash extensions, tools of complex shape, other components to the devices. Can be used to clean jewelry, watches and other accessories. Suitable for professional and home use. The SUPER WASHER ultrasonic bath is used for cleaning and pre-sterilization processing. This model is equipped with the LED display showing the exposed power and operating time of the device. The digital timer with 5 preset modes and the auto-shut-off function allows selecting the optimal cleaning time according to your needs. The ultrasonic bath "SUPER WASHER" has a function of degassing (neutralization of poisonous gaseous substances from a surface) that increases cleaning efficiency and improves quality of procedure. Does not have sterilizing properties.

Method of application: fill the inner container of the ultrasonic bath with liquid and put the items requiring cleaning in it, then set a time mode. Both water and special detergents can be used.


  • Material: case and removable container - plastic, internal capacity - stainless steel
  • Size - 210х145х140mm
  • Container size - 155х95х52mm 
  • Timer - 90с / 180с / 280с / 380с / 480с
  • Container volume - 600ml
  • Power - 35W
  • Ultrasonic frequency - 40 000 Hz
  • Warranty: 3 months
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