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Purple Gift Hydrogel Patches (60 pcs), KODI

Price: 16.00

Purple Gift Hydrogel Patches (60 pcs)

Purple Gift hydrogel eye patches by Kodi Professional are a replenishment in the care direction of the popular brand. Patches are express remedies, so the effect of their use is noticeable immediately after application.

The hydrogel base feels comfortable on the skin. The patches are easy to use and functional, they can be applied both under the eyes and on the area of ​​the nasolabial fold, as well as on the forehead. Purple Gift by Kodi is ideal for use on thin skin: they do not weigh it down, do not stretch or dry out. The active formula of the product is enriched with active ingredients for additional hydration and toning of the skin. The patches minimize the appearance of small static and expression wrinkles and creases, remove puffiness well. Along with the protection function, the patches have a soothing effect, hydrate the sensitive epidermis, making it velvety and returning smoothness.

Suitable for both home and professional use. It is recommended to keep the patches in the refrigerator for a tonic effect. Suitable for daily use.

Shape: crescent

Package quantity: 60 pcs.

How to use: cleanse and tone the skin, place patches under the eyes, wait 15-20 minutes, then remove. Spread the remaining essence over the epidermis and allow to absorb.

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