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Device for application of permanent make-up "Silhouette" PMM Z1, KODI

Price: 1,290.20

Device for application of permanent make-up "Silhouette" PMM Z1

Silhouette PMM Z1 is a light, reliable and very easy-to-use device for permanent make-up, which provides everything you need for a convenient and safe micropigmentation of any level of complexity. Thanks to its constructive solutions and an intuitive interface, this model is ideal for the masters who value such criteria as mobility and portability.

The introduction of the pigment into the skin is carried out using an ergonomic handpiece and exclusive needle modules of a new configuration - the transfer shaft is located inside the module. This advantage of the strength and reliability of the device in conditions of intensive use, allows for drawing perfectly accurate construction lines and reduces the effect of the procedure in the affected area to a minimum. Other advantages of the device include high power with low noise level, adjustable frequency and depth of needle penetration, absence of vibrations.

The compact Silhouette PMM Z1 permanent make-up device is a new quality of treatment for the master, the highest level of comfort and safety for the client.

  • Working speed: 50 to 140 strokes per second;
  • Consumable material: needle module;
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 100 mm x 45 mm x 140 mm;
  • Handpiece weight - 50 g;
  • Total weight - 400 g.
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