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Eyebrow Tweezers К-5, KODI

Price: 7.40

Eyebrow Tweezers К05

Eyebrow shaping is a rather delicate procedure, and its success depends on a combination of factors. Beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows begin first of all with the confident hand of the master and high-quality professional tweezers.

The collection of tweezers for modeling eyebrows by KODI PROFESSIONAL is made of high quality materials and allows choosing an instrument taking into account individual needs, specifics of tasks and the desired result. Special sharpening and beveled edges of the working part provide an easy grip of hair of any length and thickness. The tweezers fit well in the hand and are easy to move, which makes it possible to prevent fatigue of the hands of the master. 

  • Material: medical steel;
  • Size: 11cm.
Price: 5.60 €
Price: 6.50 €
Price: 6.50 €
Price: 6.50 €
Price: 6.50 €
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