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Eyebrow pomade Dark Brown Kodi professional Make-up, 4,5g, KODI

Price: 11.00

Eyebrow Pomade, Color: Dark Brown, 4.5 g

Beautiful, neat eyebrows let look well-groomed, even without applying make-up. In addition to the aesthetic function, the correctly modeled eyebrows shape helps to remove visually imperfect facial features, add expressiveness and completeness to the image. The Eyebrow Pomade by KODI PROFESSIONAL Make-up is intended for professional use and allows not only creating the perfect shape and color, but correcting the problem eyebrows - imperfect shape, alopecia areata of the eyebrows, lack of density or length. Unique waterproof formula and soft plastic consistency facilitate easy application and distribution, make it possible to model the necessary shape, provide a natural look and a stable fixation for the entire period of wearing.

Application: it is recommended to apply with a professional brush made of natural or artificial nap. Take the required amount of the product with a brush, model smoothly the line of the eyebrow and shade. To avoid drying of the product close the lid tightly and keep away from the sunlight.

Note: Eyebrow make-up can be removed only with the remover for waterproof cosmetics.

Color: Dark Brown

Recommended brushes: 16, 04, 05, 54, 03, 115, 53.

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