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Eyebrow pomade Irid Brown Kodi professional Make-up, 4,5g, KODI

Price: 7.30

Eyebrow Pomade Irid Brown Kodi Professional Make-up, 4.5 g

The eyebrows look and condition play an important role in the aesthetic perception of the face that is why the experienced make-up artists pay special attention to the eyebrows modeling and high-quality cosmetics for the eyebrows. Beautiful shape and correct shade of the eyebrows provide expressiveness and make the facial features more harmonious and balanced.

KODI PROFESSIONAL Make-up represents a series of the professional Eyebrow pomades designed to ensure perfect look and shape of the eyebrows, to solve all kinds of the eyebrows problems - the lack of natural pigment, density or length. Specially designed waterproof formula and optimal gel-like consistency promote comfortable application and distribution, give the opportunity to model the required shape, ensure a natural look and permanent fixation for the whole period of wearing.

Method of application: it is recommended to apply with a professional brush made of natural or artificial nap. Take the required amount of the product with a brush, model smoothly the line of the eyebrow and shade. To avoid drying of the product close the lid tightly and keep away for the sunlight.

Note: Eyebrow make-up can be removed only with the remover for waterproof cosmetics.

Color: Irid Brown

Recommended brushes: 16, 04, 05, 54, 03, 115, 53.

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