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Creamy eyeshadow №01, diam.26mm, KODI

Price: 3.50

Creamy Eyeshadow №01, 26 mm

Decorative cosmetics of the professional segment should provide a full range of the products necessary for high-quality performance of the make-up of any kind. The KODI PROFESSIONAL Make-up Collection of the eyeshadows in refills offers the highest levels of quality and safety, provides comfort for a make-up artist and a client, as well as a wide range of shades and textures. The eyeshadows of creamy texture, thanks to the ability to control saturation of the shade - from translucent to dense flickering - allow creating especially expressive and luxurious image. Can be used as a base for dry textures. The eyeshadows in refills are strongly pigmented, have a soft finely dispersed structure, which ensures convenience of taking the product with a brush and economical consumption. The product is made on the basis of hypoallergenic natural minerals and waxes that make it possible to obtain a uniform silky coating with impeccable firmness. The eyeshadows are easy to apply and shade, do not crumble and do not shrink into the folds of the eyelid. Method of application: Take with a synthetic brush, apply evenly to the eyelid and shade.

Recommended brushes: 30, 04, 03, 17.

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