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Duo Chrome Flakes F03 0.3 g, KODI

Price: 4.24

Make-up Pigment Duo Chrome Flakes F03, 0.3 g

Bright, shimmering, intriguing - make-up pigments leave no one indifferent but using them requires certain application skills. Pigment is a loose product with a wide scope of application. Most often, pigments are used in eye make-up, but are also suitable for other areas of the face and body. Another advantage of pigments is the variety of visual effects, thanks to which they are indispensable in evening and holiday make-up. The Duo Chrome Flakes series of pigments is universal for its intended purpose - it allows creating both luxurious eye make-up and a trendy nail design. In addition to deep shades, these pigments have duochrome properties - the finish shimmers in different shades.

The texture is characterized by a large inhomogeneous grinding and resembles sparkling metallized flakes, and depending on the method of application, it allows to obtain different effects. Due to the peculiarities of the texture, when applied to the skin, the pigment may slightly crumble, which is a variant of the norm. When performing make-up, it is recommended to use them on top of the base or substrate, applying with sweeping movements.

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