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Duo Chrome Powder (P04) 1 g, KODI

Price: 11.39

Cosmetic pigment Duo Chrome Powder P04, 1g

Cosmetic pigments, without exaggeration, open boundless spaces for creativity, for which they are so loved not only by beauty professionals, but also by amateurs. One of the advantages of this cosmetic product is versatility - the pigment can be applied both to the face and body, and to nails, and the effect depends on the method of application largely. The most concentrated pigments by KODI PROFESSIONAL will conquer with quality and take their rightful place in your working arsenal.

The luxurious effect of shimmering transitions of shades, achieved with the Duo Chrome Powder pigments, will add magical and mesmerizing notes to any image. Duochrome shine is a current trend that can be seen in evening and festive types of the make-up, as well as modern nail art. The dry powder pigment has a finely dispersed texture that allows adjusting the density of the coating. In nail design, Duo Chrome Powder is used as a rub-in using standard application technology. When performing the make-up using this pigment, it may peel off slightly, which is a normal variant. Recommended to use over base or underlay, apply with tamping movements.

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