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Strip Eyelashes Catwalk style, Look 6, KODI

Price: 9.30

Strip Eyelashes Catwalk style, Look 6

For more than 50 years of their existence, false eyelashes not just have not lost their relevance, but to this day they are the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to create an inimitable look that captivates with its depth and expressiveness. For special occasions, KODI PROFESSIONAL offers a limited Catwalk Style lash line. These are soft, light and flexible lashes with a curve that gives the look a touch of drama. These lashes are perfect for evening make-up for any occasion.
Method of application:
1. Using tweezers, carefully remove tape eyelashes from the package.
2. Make sure the base tape matches the size of the upper eyelid. Shorten to required size if necessary. 
3. Apply KODI PROFESSIONAL glue thinly along the lash line, wait 30-60 seconds and apply the lash tape to the eyelid. 
4. Adjust the position of the tape as close to the natural lash line as possible.

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