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Face care


Professional cosmetics for face care

Clean, well-groomed skin of the face is the main decoration of a woman and the key to a beautiful make-up. The skin must be healthy and radiant, otherwise, as if professional cosmetics were not applied, a beautiful and stylish make-up just will not work. To maintain the beauty of your skin, it is necessary to provide it with regular and thorough care, using high-quality professional cosmetics for the face. You can enter in your schedule systematic visits to a beauty salon to a professional master or buy face care products in Cyprus in the official online store of Kody Company, in order to carry out not complicated, but effective cleansing procedures at home.

The importance of facial care

Professional cosmetics for face and skin care KODI PROFESSIONAL when regularly used, successfully copes with the most common causes of tired and not fresh-looking skin of the face:

  • Keratinous debris prevent the entry of oxygen to new cells, which leads to a dull complexion and clogged enlarged pores. Ordinary soap or budgetary means for washing will not manage to deeply clean the pores, only high-quality face cleanser from Kodi Company can fully cope with this.
  • Due to the constant exposure of hard water with increased hardness, soap, water-fat balance in the skin of the face is disturbed, therefore, it is necessary to regularly moisturize and nourish to prevent dryness, peeling and irritation.
  • Over time, collagen in the skin is produced with less intensity, and regenerative processes also slow down, which is why mature skin gradually loses its original elasticity. In order to stimulate natural restorative and metabolic processes, you should regularly use special facial scrubs (salt, acid) of delicate action and regenerating care products (creams and lotions) in skin care.

How to choose the right skin care products

The question of the choice of care products for cleansing and skin care of the face is especially relevant today, as modern color cosmetics has a high resistance and an increased composition of aggressive components. Professional make-up and modern environment require the use of special facial care products. That is why, before you buy professional face cosmetics in Cyprus, it is better to familiarize yourself with some recommendations on choosing the appropriate complex facial skin care.

  • Popular skin care products often contain dangerous ingredients that can lead to premature aging of the skin or addiction. That is why, when choosing, it is necessary to carefully study the composition of the selected treatment agent and make sure that it is safe and hypoallergenic for all components.
  • The main guideline when choosing a treatment complex for individual use is the skin type of the face. If you are not sure what type your skin is, then it is better to choose universal professional face care products.
  • Of great importance is the brand of care products, since you can not only get a quality guarantee and rely on the manufacturer's reputation, but also get acquainted with detailed reviews of products from previous customers who purchased it before you.
  • Cost. You should not be cheap with yourself, buying cheap care products, because professional care cosmetics for the skin of the face can’t have too low price, because the truly highly effective composition includes expensive natural ingredients, and innovative developments and technologies for the manufacture of the product are also quite expensive.

Features of KODI PROFESSIONAL face care products

Cosmetics for face and skin care from the new line of SPA products from Cody Company are presented in the sale of the official online store with several highly effective care products, the range of which will be constantly updated with the latest innovations.

  • KODI PROFESSIONAL mycelial water is an indispensable professional tool for deep cleansing of sensitive skin from persistent makeup. By wetting a cotton pad in the product, you can easily remove even the fattest products from the skin in one motion.
  • Purifying gel foam for the face has an intense penetrating effect. In addition to the cleansing action, KODI PROFESSIONAL Foam for the face tightens pores, preventing their subsequent clogging.
  • Kodi Company scrubs contain natural mineral particles of sea salt, which have a mild abrasive effect on the delicate skin of the face, removing dead skin cells.
  • The effect of KODI PROFESSIONAL enzyme peeling is based on the effect of natural fruit acids on the upper epithelial layer of the skin of the face.
  • Regenerating, nourishing and moisturizing face creams are selected individually, and are used in the final stages of complex face care.

It is better to buy means for washing the face in the complex and use it regularly, then the result will appear much faster. You can familiarize yourself with the availability of products online in the catalog on the website and order the delivery of selected goods throughout Cyprus and abroad.

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