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Cica-Cream with Panthenol, 50 ml, KODI

Price: 8.50

Cica-Cream with Panthenol, 50 ml.

Cica Cream with Panthenol is a multifunctional cream with regenerating, soothing and healing properties. The cream is suitable for all skin types, has no age restrictions, it is recommended for sensitive skin and skin prone to irritation, redness, atopic manifestations. The cosmeceutical formulation of the cream is based on panthenol (provitamin B5) - an indispensable component for fast skin regeneration. Panthenol has high permeability and hygroscopic properties. Penetrating into the deep layers of the skin, it has a mild disinfecting effect, accelerates metabolism, ensures the start of the processes of cell regeneration and renewal, and enhances the barrier protection.

Cica cream with panthenol:

  • soothes irritated skin;
  • helps to eliminate dryness and flaking;
  • softens, reduces burning and redness;
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • restores the feeling of comfort.

A bottle with a pump dispenser ensures economical consumption and convenient application of the product.

Method of application: apply a small amount of the cream to the previously cleansed skin and distribute evenly. Recommended for use in the morning and evening.

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