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Cream-base Dual Effect, 30 ml, KODI

Price: 2.95

Cream Base Dual Effect 30 ml

Cream-base for make-up Dual Effect is optimal for the owners of dry, sensitive and combination skin, and in the winter period will be appropriate for women with greasy skin type. The product evens the skin perfectly, facilitates the subsequent application of the foundation, promoting its even distribution, and serves as a good basis for powder. Can be used independently and as an intermediate layer before applying the foundation. Effective nutritional and moisturizing effect due to a balanced multi-component composition - shea butter, minerals, natural extracts. Cream base protects effectively from external factors, eliminates peeling and prevents its appearance. As a result of application, the skin acquires an even tone, looks well-groomed and ready for the further make-up. Cream base for make-up Dual Effect has the optimal texture, is easy to distribute and does not clog pores.

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