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First Touch Primer Kodi Professional Make-up (green base), 30ml, KODI

Price: 19.64

First Touch Primer Kodi Professional, 30 ml

Persistent professional make-up is performed in several successive stages, where the first and one of the most important is the application of a functional primer, known as a make-up base. Correctly selected make-up base instantly changes the skin for better, makes it even, smooth and healthy in appearance, provides optimal adhesive and coating properties when applying subsequent decorative products.

An important task of the primer is also to protect the skin from the negative environmental factors and preserve the optimum moisture level. The new First Touch Primer base by KODI PROFESSIONAL Make-up is universal in application, meets all the above quality criteria, allows perfect alignment of the relief and natural skin tone in a matter of seconds, conceals minor imperfections, "illuminates" it from inside and prepares to application of basic decorative means.

The product is made on a water-silicone basis with the addition of caring and corrective components, has a rather dense creamy consistency of mint color, is easily applied and distributed evenly in a thin layer, creating an excellent basis for all cosmetic textures. After application the base fixes on the skin in several seconds. The result of application is the fresh, silky, moisturized skin with a natural texture.

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