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Powder Pink Rose Kodi professional Make-up, 24g

Product SKU: 20050733
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28.98 € 17.39

Powder Kodi Professional Make-up, Color: Pink Rose, 24 g

In the professional make-up the powder plays a special role, and therefore this product of decorative cosmetics has many varieties. The powder is applied as a finishing coat, meant to smooth out some textural irregularities and transitions, to give the skin a natural appearance and to provide reliable protection from the influence of ultraviolet rays. The universal compact powder by KODI PROFESSIONAL Make-up in unique package provides a perfect finishing coat - it mattes the skin softly, hides minor imperfections, fixes the make-up well and provides a guarantee of its durability for the required period of time. The classic compact powder with a mirror and a puff differs with the unique design of its internal cover, which allows to grind quickly the powder to a necessary texture and to adjust its quantity for comfortable application. The product is applied with a very thin layer and feels comfortable on the skin. The density of the coating depends on the application method and the selected brush. The product is hypoallergenic.

Method of application: turn the lid of the powder clockwise, take the required amount of the product with a brush and spread evenly over the skin of the face.

Color: Pink Rose

Recommended brushes: 45, 13, 01, 12, 44, 101, 104, 102, 42.

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