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Cooling Foot Cream with Menthol, 8 ml , KODI

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Cooling Foot Cream with Menthol, 8 ml

Sometimes, for one reason or another, you are limited in the amount of care products you can take along. In such cases, cosmetics in mini formats come to the rescue. 8ml Menthol Cooling Foot Cream will keep your feet comfortable wherever you are and will not take up much space in your bag. Cooling foot cream with menthol will become indispensable for everyone who has to stay in a standing position for a long time, and will also be a useful purchase for athletes.

The multi-component composition of the cream provides a complex action to eliminate the feeling of heaviness, to relax and restore the feet.

  • Menthol cools and refreshes.
  • Eucalyptus oil has antimicrobial properties and is used for skin irritation.
  • Almond oil is a natural moisturizer rich in antioxidants. Immediately penetrates the skin, restores the protective barrier and soothes. It is used for extremely dry skin.
  • Grape seed oil is a unique source of essential fatty acids and vitamins for the skin. Rejuvenates the skin and restores its tone. 
  • Vitamin E fights inflammatory processes, takes part in the regulation of metabolic processes in skin cells.

How to use: apply with massage movements to clean, dry skin of the feet. Suitable for daily use.

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