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Disposable Paraffin Foot Mask, 70g (2pcs), KODI

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Disposable Paraffin Foot Mask, 70g (2pcs)

Disposable paraffin foot mask in the form of socks is designed for paraffin therapy. Recommended for individual use in beauty salons, suitable for home use. Paraffin therapy using disposable socks makes a perfect combination with a pedicure procedure.

Disposable paraffin socks for feet:

  • open and cleanse the pores of the skin;
  • activate blood circulation;
  • relieve fatigue and reduce puffiness;
  • soften and smooth the skin;
  • moisturize and eliminate dryness;
  • saturate the skin with nutrients.

Paraffin therapy will help maintain the beauty and youthfulness of your hands and feet. The procedure is indicated for dryness and flaking, loss of elasticity, cracks, and other signs of skin fatigue. Paraffin therapy promotes rapid skin regeneration and long-term comfort. After paraffin therapy, the skin of the feet becomes healthy and well-groomed.

Method of application: Before using the mask, treat your feet with an antiseptic and perform a pedicure, it is recommended to peel the skin using a foot scrub.

  1. Immerse the socks in a container with hot water to warm up. A change in the color of the indicator shows that the water temperature is sufficient for heating. Wait until the paraffin is completely melted.
  2. Cut off the edge of the sock along the dotted line.
  3. Put on socks, evenly distributing the paraffin over the skin of the feet. Fix with special adhesive tape.
  4. To preserve the thermal effect, put on terry socks. Leave on for 20 minutes.
  5. Take off the disposable socks and terry socks, complete the paraffin therapy procedure with light massage movements.
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