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QF2 Finish UV Gel (finish gel without dispersion layer), 8ml, KODI

Price: 8.00

QF2 Finish UV Gel, 8ml

Nail modeling with the use of quality materials perfectly solves the problem of imperfect nails, gives an opportunity to have the nails of the desired shape, strength and gloss for a long time. QF2 Finish UV Gel is a clear top-coat for the polish applied to the modeled acrylic or gel nails, giving them extra strength, protecting them from chips and cracks. The product ensures smooth texture and beautiful lasting shine of the nails. It does not have a dispersion layer. Due to its liquid consistency, the finish gel is very convenient to use - it is easy to apply and distribute. Not suitable for natural nails due to the fact that it is an insoluble product.

Polymerization time - 120 seconds in a UV lamp.

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