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Gel paint №31, KODI

Price: 2.20


Gel paint No. 31

To help the clients to express themselves with the help of nail art, the industry offers a variety of different materials - from glitter to decorative stones, and of course, gel paint. The professional line of gel paints by KODI PROFESSIONAL is designed to perform internal and external nail design. Is used for painting nails of any complexity, as well as for creating volumetric drawings. Suitable for artificial and natural nails. Thick consistency of the gel paint makes it easy to use and prevents its spreading. It has no dispersion layer.

The product has a high level of saturation with pigments, retains color throughout the entire period of wearing. Depending on the needs, can be cured in the UV lamp for 1-2 minutes, in the LED lamp from 20 seconds to 1 minute.

Price: 2.20 €
Price: 2.20 €
Price: 2.20 €
Price: 2.20 €
Price: 2.20 €
Price: 2.20 €
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