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Reflective base coat Drops 08, 7 ml

Product SKU: 20117573
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Reflective base coat Crystal Drops 08, 7 ml
Even more shine, even more attention and compliments. This is possible with a manicure created using a new reflective base by the popular international brand Kodi Professional. The festive collection of reflective bases Crystal Drops will create a sensation among clients, and will captivate masters with optimal performance characteristics.
The unusual palette of the series will also be an accent. Shade 08 is a clear, reflective silver-graphite base with the addition of multi-colored holographic glitter that creates interesting visual effects on the nails. The base is easy to apply with a brush, does not smear and has the ability to self-level. It creates a durable and aesthetic coating that can maintain an ideal appearance for the entire period of wear, provided that basic rules of application are followed.
Recommendations for application: under the pigmented base, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of Rubber base gel or Quick Base with rubbing movements, and polymerize it for 30 seconds in an LED lamp or 2 minutes in a UV lamp. Apply the pigmented base in 2 thin layers polymerizing each layer for 90-120 seconds.
At the discretion of the master, it is allowed to apply one layer with slight (minimal) leveling of the nail plate if necessary. Polymerization in this case is also 90-120 seconds.

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