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Color Rubber Base Gel, Purple Haze, 8ml, KODI

Price: 6.50

Color Rubber Base Gel, Macarons Purple Haze, 8 ml

Purple Haze shade of Macarons collection of Color Rubber Base Gel is an ash purple colored base. This color magically attracts the attention of others. Nail art in purple tones is chosen by bold and bright girls, who at the same time want to add a little mystery to their image.

The color bases of the Macarons collection do not require a substrate and are ideal for wearing as a stand-alone coating, providing protection, additional strengthening and a beautiful even tone to your nails. Improved adhesion, good thixotropy, easy-to-use consistency and excellent polymerization even when applied densely allow the masters to feel all the benefits of working with this product.

It is recommended to apply the Purple Haze shade of the Macarons Color Base in 2 layers: the first layer as thin as possible with rubbing in movements; the second layer can be denser. Polymerize each layer for 30-60 seconds in a LED lamp. The base has a sticky layer.

When using with a weakened nail plate, it is allowed to apply a thin layer of Rubber Base Gel under Macarons Purple Haze Color Rubber Base Gel.

Macarons collection of Color Rubber Base Gel by Kodi Professional promises to be an absolute hit for your clients - it combines the brilliant quality of the coating and the colors of the world's most famous delicacy - almond macaroon. The nail coating made with the use of Macarons Color Rubber Base Gel looks as bright, inviting and airy as the cake itself.

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