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MILKY Rubber Base Gel for gel polish, 8 ml, KODI

Price: 7.00
Rubber Base Gel Milky
Rubber Base Gel Milky by the famous brand Kodi Professional is a universal rubber base of a pleasant milky shade. It can be used as a stand-alone coating or as a base for any nail design.
The base traditionally retained high quality indicators, for which the masters love this series. It has good adhesion properties, has an easy-to-use consistency and viscosity, and has a high level of thixotropy. The base lends itself well to polymerization and spreads easily with a brush.
It is recommended to apply it in 2 layers: the first layer should be applied as thinly as possible, with rubbing movements; the second layer should be denser. Polymerize each layer for 30 seconds in a LED-lamp, if necessary, the time can be increased to 60 seconds. The base has a sticky layer.
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