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Color Rubber base gel, Neon 01, 7 ml, KODI

Price: 6.50

Color Base Gel, Neon 01

Color bases for gel polish by the popular brand Kodi Professional have long become a cult product of the brand. Excellent pigmentation allows them to be used as a stand-alone coating, and a wide palette of shades opens up limitless space for experimentation.

Recently, the collection of color bases has been replenished with a new trend line Neon, which embodies a real explosion of color. Stylish, bright, original shades with powerful color energy will become a fashionable addition to your look, raising your spirits with their appearance. Neon 01 is a luscious fiery tangerine shade that combines orange-red passion motifs.

At the same time, the color bases of Color base gel retain their traditionally high quality: the product formulas have optimal density, are easy to apply, have good thixotropy and are distinguished by remarkable indicators of durability.

It is recommended to apply Color Base Gel in 2 layers with polymerization of each layer for 30-60 seconds in a LED lamp. The base dries well even when applied in a dense layer. When used with a weakened nail plate, it is allowed to apply a thin layer of Rubber Base Gel under the color base.

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