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Color Rubber Base Gel, Pastel 01, 8ml, KODI

Price: 6.50

Color Base Gel Pastel No.1

Color Base Gel Pastel No.1 is a colored base coat of a milky-smoky color with a slight gray tint. It is used as an independent coating. Suitable for wedding nail art. Can be used as a base for delicate sophisticated designs.

Color Base Gel Pastel No. 1 does not require the use of a substrate. It is recommended to apply in 2 layers: apply the first layer as thinly as possible with rubbing movements; the second layer should be thicker. Polymerize each layer for 30 seconds in a LED lamp; if necessary, the time can be increased to 60 seconds. The base has a sticky layer.

When using this color base with a weakened nail plate, it is allowed to apply a thin layer of the Rubber Base Gel under the Color Base Gel Pastel.

Advantages of the Color Base Gel Pastel:

  • Perfect adhesion.
  • Convenient consistency and viscosity for work.
  • High level of thixotropy.
  • Easy to polymerize even in a dense layer.
  • Optimally aligns and strengthens nails.

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