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"ART 03" No Sticky Top Coat, 7мл - Верхнее покрытие для гель-лака без дисперсионного слоя "ART 03", KODI

Price: 5.00

Matte Top Coat for Gel Polish without sticky layer Art 03, 7 ml

The new Art series of Top Coat by the popular brand Kodi Professional reflects the desire of the masters to create simple, but stylish and unusual designs. Art 03 shade of the Top Coat has a transparent base with finely dispersed golden shining particles. The Top Coat looks especially impressive on gel polishes of a nude palette, giving the manicure a special vintage effect.

Top Coats of the Art series preserve the high traditions of quality of the Kodi brand - they make the coating durable and resistant to chips, do not form residual stickiness after polymerization. The Top Coats are easy to apply with a brush, they lay down evenly and have sufficient protective properties.

It is recommended to apply in a thin layer with polymerization in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, in a LED lamp for 30-60 seconds.

Price: 8.00 €
Price: 8.00 €
Price: 8.00 €
Price: 5.50 €
Price: 5.50 €
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