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A set of rubber bases for gel polish in the box "Natural Rubber Base" 12мл (6pcs), KODI

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Set of rubber bases for gel polish in the box ""Natural Rubber Base"" 12ml (6pcs)

The set contains a complete series of innovative color bases NATURAL RUBBER BASE - 6 shades. Thanks to the introduction of new technologies, the base demonstrates perfect interaction with the nail plate and has a wide range of applications. The elastic rubber base from this series is ideally combined, preventing cracks and chips, has a self-leveling consistency and natural color. The base has pronounced camouflaging properties, has a dispersion layer and is viscous in consistency. The product perfectly strengthens and aligns the nail plate. Suitable for natural, as well as all types of artificial nails.

The NATURAL RUBBER BASE is used: as a base gel when modeling artificial nails; for alignment and strengthening of natural nails; as a basis for color coating.

Curing time: in the UV lamp 36 Watt - 2 minutes, in the LED lamp - 30 seconds. The color palette of the set: Tea Rose, Pink, Pink Ice, Natural Beige, Ivory, Dark Beige.

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