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Gel polish 8 ml № 90 LC, KODI

Price: 5.50


Choosing the Basic Collection professional gel polishes for work, you will receive an easy application, a resistant saturated coating with only two layers of application and a perfect appearance of the nails during up to 2-3 weeks. The Basic Collection gel polishes are based on a new, modern formula developed on the basis of the latest technological advances. As a result, gel polishes demonstrate high covering power and color density, do not spread and do not create a stripes effect when applied. The color palette contains 170 shades, the most popular and sought-after by the masters. The palette is divided into series by color. Now shades with a maximum concentration of pigments polymerize well and do not leave any traces of pigment on the top coat brush.

Gel polish No. 90 LC (LILAC series) has the texture of enamel, the color is pion. It is recommended to be applied in two thin layers with polymerization of each layer in a UV lamp - 2 minutes, in a LED lamp - 30 seconds.

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