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Gel polish Basic Collection 8ml

Every woman dreams of beautiful nails. However, to achieve this goal isn’t easy due to the numerous negative impacts on the nails in everyday life. One of the modern achievements of the beauty industry is gel polish that combines all the best from ordinary nail polishes and forming gels.

The gel polish Basic Collection 8 ml from Kodi looks the same as the usual polish, and the method of applying to the nail plate is also the same. The difference is that the product has a gel base. Another significant difference is that the applied composition is dried under the lamp: ICE or ultraviolet. On the KODI PROFESSIONAL website in Cyprus you can order products in a varied assortment at the lowest prices.

Gel polish Basic Collection 8ml: advantages of use

  •  Durability. Correctly applied composition retains a good look for two and sometimes three weeks. This is one of the secrets of the popularity of a product, which is constantly demanded.
  • Gel polish keeps beautiful “silky” shine for weeks, unlike regular polish, which lasts only 2-3 days. Shellac serves as a protection for the nail plate from external influences. In addition, Kodi's product has a completely natural composition. The nail plate is saturated with nutrients. And harmful chemical compounds that are present in ordinary polish (for example, formaldehyde) are absent.
  • Ability to implement various design solutions, including 3-D nails modeling, rhinestones decoration etc.
  • No unpleasant chemical odor, typical for a usual polish.
  • Hypoallergenic.

The use of shellac

The use of gel polish Basic Collection 8ml Kodi is quite simple. Such a manicure can be done in the salon with a professional master or by yourself. The procedure is following.

  1. Polish the nail with a buff to dullness.
  2. Using a lint-free wipe, wipe the nail with a degreasing compound.
  3. Apply a primer on the nail plate, dry it under the lamp.
  4. Apply polish in 2 layers, with each layer dried under the lamp.
  5. Remove the adhesive layer with a wipe moistened with a special compound.

Beautiful, durable and hardwearing manicure is ready.

How to order gel polish on the Internet

Our online store is a territory of low prices and a rich assortment. Here you can find suitable products. At the same time, all products are certified; you do not risk buying low-quality fake. Examine the catalog, select products, place an order and enjoy the impeccable quality of products from KODI. The purchase will be delivered to you as soon as possible.


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