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Gel polish "Moon light", 8ml


Beautiful nails with a stylish design always attract attention. Kodi Gel Polish "Cat's Eye" - one of the most effective and vivid means to create a spectacular nail art. The radiance of this gel polish repeats the brilliance of the stone of the same name. This result is achieved on the nail plate due to the magnetic coating.

What is Cat eye Gel polish?

Moonlight gel polish (or Cat's Eye) already found its fans all over the world. Fashionistas fell in love with this polish for its dense texture and resistance to external factors. Above all the attention attracts the unique pattern, which dramatically completes the design of the nails.

Another feature is that magnetic gel polishes create volumetric 3D drawings. The formula of polish includes metal particles, which provide a unique shine to the nails. Using a special magnet, the technician creates an amazing pattern, correctly moving it over the nail plate.


Cat's Eye nail polish has the following advantages:

  1. Dense texture that does not allow the polish to drift away on the surface of the nail plate;
  2. The application of polish does not take much time, it is easy and fast;
  3. The coating does not require additional decoration;
  4. The number of patterns that the coating allows to create depends only on the master's imagination and magnet movements;
  5. Reasonable price. Its cost does not exceed the price of ordinary colored gel polishes.

Among the large color palette of these gel polishes of the Kodi Company, both a very young girl and an adult woman will find suitable shade.

An additional advantage of KODI PROFESSIONAL polish is that in order to create their own products, the manufacturer do not use harmful substances that adversely affect the nail plate. All products have a neutral scent.


Cat’s Eye polish allows you to create unique drawings and patterns:

  • A magnet and a stencil create a classic design for this coating;
  • Cat's eye can be beautifully complemented by shining rhinestones;
  • The use of the transition from one color to another, especially impressive with metallic polishes;

Beauty salon's technicians use it to create a fresh and original design, combining matte or shiny coatings with abstraction, any geometric patterns or lace and floral compositions.

Care rules

Compliance with simple rules of care will help manicure last as long as possible.

  • During the performance of household chores, such as washing dishes, floors or windows, wear gloves;
  • Avoid contact of aggressive agents, such as solvents, acetone, alcohol-containing substances, with the surface of the coating;
  • Avoid overloading your nails;
  • In the first two days after the manicure procedure, avoid contact with hot water, it is also better to exclude saunas, baths;
  • Take care of your hands, especially around the nail plate, use a special cream.

Where you can buy Cat's Eye gel polish in Cyprus?

The official website of KODI PROFESSIONAL in Cyprus has a large assortment of gel polishes. In the Kodi Company, which sells certified products of this brand, you can choose and buy Kodi's Cat Eye Gel Polish. Professionals recommend using these polishes only in combination with original means to create a base coat and fix the effect. You can order gel polish with delivery.


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