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Gel polish № 05 AS, 7ml, KODI

Price: 4.70

Gel polish No. 05 AS, 7ml

When performing the design, every time we strive to get new interesting effects on the nails. This allows us to refresh the image and diversify it with original accents. To solve this problem, the nail industry offers a huge number of techniques and materials, but the easiest way is still to use creative collections of gel polishes. Gel polishes from the "Art Sprinkle" collection allow getting a smooth coating on your nails with visual effects of various textures, for example, the effect of a quail egg shell or the effect of grains of sand. For a dense color, two layers of application are enough.

Gel polish No. 05 AS contains small blotches of black and white, texture - enamel, color - coffee with milk. Even coating with two thin layers with polymerization of each layer in an UV lamp for 2 minutes or in a LED lamp for 30 seconds is recommended.

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