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Gel polish № 01 AS, 7ml, KODI

Price: 4.70

Gel polish No. 01 AS, 7ml

Especially for lovers of unusual colors and original creative solutions in nail design, KODI PROFESSIONAL represents the "Art Sprinkle" collection of gel polishes, the color base of which is enriched with various inclusions and decorative particles of various shapes and sizes. Gel polishes of this collection open up wide possibilities for nail art and are no less intriguing when used independently. Due to their balanced consistency, they are comfortable to apply and have good coating power, provide a dense color of the coating in two layers of application.

Gel polish No. 01 AS contains small inclusions of black and white colors, creating a light effect of grains of sand, texture - enamel, color - warm beige. Even coating with two thin layers with polymerization of each layer in an UV lamp for 2 minutes or in a LED lamp for 30 seconds is recommended.

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