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Gel Polish No. 51 LE, KODI

Price: 4.70

Gel Polish No. 51 LE

What are your associations with summer? A riot of colors, freedom, sea, travels to exotic countries? The trendy colors of this summer, presented in the Magic Sunrise limited collection, are designed to add some magic to your summer and make it unforgettable. Flawless coating is guaranteed by a balanced formula. Convenient texture and brush ensure easy application of gel polish without spreading and stripes. Due to the optimal saturation of the pigments, a dense uniform color is achieved in two layers of application and is characterized by resistance to fading.

Gel Polish No. 51 LE in the shade of "sea blue" is characterized by a depth of color and will allow you to create a truly intriguing image. The texture is enamel. A uniform coating with two thin layers is recommended with polymerization of each layer in a UV lamp - 2 minutes, in an LED lamp - 30 seconds.

Price: 4.70 €
Price: 4.70 €
Price: 4.70 €
Price: 4.70 €
Price: 4.70 €
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