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Briefly about professional beautician lamps.

Beautician magnifier lamp is an integral attribute of beauty salons, which refers to high-tech professional equipment for conducting diverse procedures in the field of medical (hardware) cosmetology, as well as nail aesthetics. High-quality magnifier lamps are used by professional masters of the beauty industry in a variety of ways. They are indispensable for scrupulous work with small details that require a significant magnification to protect the eyes of the master from overloading and inadvertent damage to the treated areas during the procedure.

Beautician magnifier lamp by KODI PROFESSIONAL: advantages

Professional magnifier lamps by Kodi Company have a number of advantages for practicing beauty industry masters:

  • High-quality materials of the case provide strength of the structure, and optical glasses are tested by certified ophthalmologists.
  • A wide range of products on the official website of the Company allows selecting the best variant of a beautician lamp for proper operation in comfortable conditions.
  • Stylish laconic design - our beautician lamps are made in a universal white color, so they fit perfectly into any interior of a beauty salon.
  • Prices for beautician magnifier lamps by KODI PROFESSIONAL vary depending on the type of illumination (luminescent or LED) and the number of diopters, but the cost is quite affordable for practicing masters of cosmetology salons.

Main parameters of selection

For correct selection of a beautician magnifier lamp for a comfortable implementation of a number of specific procedures you need to familiarize yourself with the main criteria for choosing cosmetology equipment and the difference in technical characteristics of different models of KODI PROFESSIONAL cosmetology lamps:

  • Number of diopters. The focal distance between the magnifier and the object depends on the number of diopters that determine the optical power of the lens
  • Magnifier lamps from 3 to 5 diopters have a larger focal space and are more used by cosmetologists; in models from 5 to 12 diopters, the distance between the lens and the treated surface is much smaller, therefore they are more suitable for working with nails or eyelashes. The assortment of the Kodi Company online store includes magnifier lamps for beauticians with a customizable number of diopters (3D - 12D), which allows using them for procedures of various kinds.
  • Shape and size of lens. Magnifier lamps by Kodi Company are based on the lenses of round shape with a diameter of 10 to 12.5 cm. Due to this, the lens has a lighter weight, due to which its additional stability is ensured.
  • Illumination. Depending on the model, our magnifier lamps are equipped with a 22 W ring energy-saving fluorescent lamp or 90 LEDs. With the help of a clamp (bracket), a beautician magnifier lamp can be fixed firmly on the edge of the table or on a mobile table with tools. This fixation design ensures the comfortable work of the master. The table magnifier lamp for beautician by KODI PROFESSIONAL is equipped with a stable base and will be more convenient for working with the hands of the client.

Purpose of magnifier lamps in the beauty industry

Depending on the technical characteristics and design of the model, a lamp for a beauty parlor is used in a variety of areas of hardware, medical cosmetology, nail aesthetics and other directions of the beauty industry.

Using a magnifier lamp:

  • The cosmetologist is able to assess reliably the condition of the client's skin and fully control the process of all ongoing procedures.
  • It’s much easier for masters of nail aesthetics to perform complex nail designs with the drawing of the smallest fragments and thin lines manually, decorate nails with rhinestones, and perform the procedure of hardware/trim manicure and pedicure with maximum accuracy.
  • Permanent make-up masters can perform manual techniques of applying permanent make-up with more confident movements, since visibility is significantly increased.
  • Masters for eyelash and eyebrow extensions get the opportunity to gently stick artificial eyelashes of the appropriate thickness to the natural hairs, precisely proportioning the strength of natural eyelashes with the size of artificial ones.
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